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About The Book

When the alarm clock sounds, Rachel finds her grand chef hat and begins a journey through imagination that will encourage all children to follow their dreams.

Join Rachel as she transforms into a chef, artist, magician, fireman, baseball player, and much more, with just a little bit of imagination and a few different hats. Rachel's day is full of discovery until she happens upon a baseball game in progress and desperately wants to join in on the fun. Will Rachel be allowed to join the team and wear a baseball hat?

The adventure of Rachel's Dreams and Hats will teach your child why they can try anything in this world, and encourage them to speak up and talk about what it means to wear different hats.

Available in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

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Also available in Spanish, French and Italian.
Joe Benarroch, Founder of The Hatters

Joe Benarroch


Joe is the founder of The Hatters and author of Rachel's Dreams and Hats.

Jon Robinson, Creative Director of The Hatters

Jon Robinson

Creative Director

Jon manages all design work for the books, in addition to mobile and web presence.

Ruth Sora Lee, Art Director and Lead Illustrator of The Hatters

Ruth Sora Lee

Art Director and Lead Illustrator

Ruth brought Rachel’s Dreams and Hats to life from the canvas to printed page.

Ken Britz, Engagement Director of The Hatters

Ken Britz

Engagement Director

Ken oversees engagement with key partners within the teachers community.


5/5 (6 Reviews)
Judy Vredenburgh, Girls Inc. President & CEO

Judy Vredenburgh

President & CEO, Girls Inc.

Rachel's Dreams and Hats shows girls they can wear many hats and be anything they wish. Rachel is creative, determined, and brave, all of the qualities we strive to unleash in girls.

Pauline LaForge, First Grade Teacher, Stone Bank School

Pauline LaForge

First Grade Teacher, Stone Bank School

My first graders were enthralled with the story and the beautiful illustrations. It sparked a valuable discussion, and they came away with a sense of encouragement and self-value.

Carolyn Everson, VP, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

Carolyn Everson

VP, Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook

In Rachel's Dreams and Hats, she shows us all that you can be anything you dream about being. It is a wonderful message not only for children but for adults too. We all need to remember how to dream big.

Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategist, Publicis Groupe

Rishad Tobaccowala

Chief Strategist, Publicis Groupe

When we are children we have great depth and potential; an inexhaustible human spirit and imagination. Rachel’s Dreams and Hats is a wonderfully fun book that underlines this reality and reminds us of this simple truth.

Nicola Mendelsohn, Vice President, EMEA, Facebook

Nicola Mendelsohn

Vice President, EMEA, Facebook

It's a celebration of creativity, imagination, bravery and fun – a must read!

Carrie Gifford, Girls Inc. Program and Training Manager

Carrie Gifford

Program and Training Manager, Girls Inc.

Rachel's Dreams and Hats provides a different message by encouraging girls to dream big, try on any hat they wish, and to take risks to achieve the goals that they set for themselves.

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